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Meet Sam Harrop

Sam Harrop is an experienced and well established business coach and mentor based in Far North Queensland working predominantly with business owners in the Cairns, Townsville and Mackay areas. He believes the best way to improve our communities, Australia and the world, is for more people to become owners of strong, profitable businesses. 

Over the last 20 years Sam has created, built and grown several successful businesses of his own. He has also worked with over 300 businesses and been instrumental in helping them achieve outstanding results.

Utilising his knowledge, passion and expertise Sam has developed and refined his signature program, The Business Maximiser Programme, which helps his clients achieve results quickly.

What can we help you with?


Do you want more sales?

Sam will show you how to increase your sales by having a well-defined sales process.


Do you want a consistent flow of new and well-qualified leads for your business to thrive?

Sam will show you how to create an effective marketing plan quickly and easily.


Have you ever felt like yelling: 
“Show Me The Money”?

Sam will show you how to improve your cash flow quickly and effectively.


Do you want more time to make more money and do the things you enjoy doing?

Sam will share an easy way to provide a structure for your team and free up your time.


Do you want to manage, lead and inspire your team while freeing up your time to do the things you love?

Sam will help you take the next step from being a competent technician, to an  inspiring leader.


Do you hate numbers or find them difficult to understand?

Sam will show you the 3 key numbers you must to know to make sure your business is on track.


Do you want to get your business working so you don’t have to?

Sam will show you the seven key areas you need to systemise in your business.


Do you want a team of engaged, motivated employees?

Sam will show you how to recruit the right people, engage your team and build a solid foundation for a great culture.


Do you want clarity and direction?

Sam will show you how to easily develop an ‘Action Plan’ which will give you clarity around what you need to do by when.


Do you want your profitable customers coming back again and again?

Sam will share his tips, tools and techniques that will turn your customers into loyal, raving fans.

Business Maximiser Coaching

This is the ideal solution for business owners wanting a combination of EDUCATION, MOTIVATION and IMPLEMENTATION combined with COMMUNITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. 
Through The Business Maximiser Coaching Programme, you will learn best business practices and you will be in a position to immediately apply and implement these in your business.
The results? Get the work, Do the Work and Keep the Cash!

Business Breakthrough

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and don’t know where to start?
Book your 90 minute “Business Breakthrough” Meeting where Sam will establish where you are, where you want go and then advise you on specific strategies for your business to help you achieve the results you want.

One on One

If you are wanting your business to reach its’ full potential quickly, then this customisable programme is for you.
Sam has a limited number of spaces available to work one-on-one with Cairns, Townsville and Mackay based business owners.

Our Clients

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"Your business is your vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals"

Sam Harrop
Founder of Business Maximiser Coaching