3 Areas That Have A Massive Impact on Your Bottom Line
Often when it comes to running a business and trying to make more money it can seem really complicated and almost overwhelming.

So lets get back to basics. There are three areas you need to focus on.
1) Materials
2) Labour
3) Payment
Materials and Labour come down to accurate quoting and controlling the job. The good news is when you control the job you get better at quoting. To do this I would recommend that you:
1) Break the job down into stages in terms of hours and labour for each stage
2) Keep daily site logs
3) Hold you foreman accountable to the targets you have set for each stage
4) Provide incentives for your team when they hit or exceed these targets
Payment, you control this as part of your sales process by setting clear expectations about how and when you want to be paid and then backing this up with the right documentation at the start.