Confidence is one of the most important traits for a leader. True confidence is earned, developed and grown. It is an established belief, based on prior evidence.

Here are 5 Steps to Building True Confidence:

  1. Action – You must take action.  Action begins the process of paying the price to have confidence. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
  2. Skill Development – You can’t learn to play tennis just by watching, you must do it and learn the skills. When you first begin, you are going to suck, expect it, its ok! Keep working, you will get better.  As your skills improve so does your level of confidence.
  3. Results – Success precedes confidence. Set achievable goals and focus on progress. Think of it like a staircase, just do one step at a time. Small things done on a consistent basis yield massive results. 
  4. Confidence – You now have evidence of results.  You can look back at what you have achieved but remember confidence is fluid, it can change.  Which is why the last step is so important.
  5. Reinforce – Confidence is a state of mind which you must care for, feed and protect your confidence.  Remember your wins, celebrate your wins and focus on your next step.

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