Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Are you finding the same challenges keep on coming up in your business, it might be difficult clients, problems with staff or just not making enough money, or another recurring problem?

The bad news is working harder and harder is not going to solve your problem, especially if you keep on doing the same thing.

Yes, hard work is good, and it works even better if you are doing the right thing.
But, if your “business model” is flawed and you have a couple of the “fundamentals” wrong, working hard is just not going to work. Working harder is going to cost you time away from your family and friends, it is going to drain your energy and to be quite honest it sucks!

I know this from my own personal experience, I had a business where I was literally on call 24/7/ 365, working my arse off going nowhere, believing I just needed to double down, get one more good client, get another good team member etc. etc. Lucky for me this was before we had kids, but I was missing out on time with my wife, friends, and family. My wife was actually working with me, trying to help by doing the admin and the bloody paperwork I never had time for, chasing up money and trying to balance the books.

Every time we thought we were getting ahead we would have a vehicle break down, a staff member resign (I must admit I was a rather shitty boss) or we would get a tax bill and be left scratching our heads thinking where we would get the money to pay it. Besides where is this profit that our accountant had told us we had made because it definitely was not in the bank account!

My point is, I have been there, done that and found a much better way of doing business. Which I now share with other business owners like yourself.