Business Exit Programme

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When you are thinking about exiting your business, just understanding that there are circumstances often beyond your control that may force you to have to sell your business is a great reason to start preparing your business for sale sooner rather than later.  

Having your business exit-ready also brings increased cash flow, profits and the feeling that you are in greater control of your business. (…it’s a lot better than having a business that controls you, right?)

The business owner who invests in preparing their business exit will reap the rewards and make this one of the best investments ever made.  Exiting a business is a significant lifetime event.   A business which is well prepared for sale and a sales process that is sound can make this process much quicker, easier and better for both parties.  

The Big Exit Accelerator Programme is designed to help you:

  • Sell quicker for more money
  • Have clarity around why and when you want to sell and what you are going to do next
  • Identify who is most likely to buy your business and why
  • Understand how to value your business in today’s market
  • Identify the right strategies and tactics to rapidly increase the value of your business
  • Attract quality, qualified buyers, who compete to buy your business
  • Have a sales process that will help you negotiate and close a great deal help you best prepare your business for sale.

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