When I first met Pete and Damo just over a year ago, Pete said to me, “we’re OK mate, we are just going to double down, we are bloody good plumbers and we can make this work.”
After another 6 months of giving it a go, they realized that they were still stuck, it was like “deju vu” or what I like to say “Day Ju Pooh” – same shit different day! So, they reached out and we scheduled a time to have a quick chat and to see if I could help them and how we could work together.
The good news is Pete and Damo are bloody good plumbers, but their business had some minor flaws. No matter how hard they were willing to work they would not be able to get their business to work for them.

We made a couple of small changes that had a massive impact on their business. Some of these things included getting really clear about the type of work they did, who they did work for (and who they didn’t do work for) as well as how they got paid and when they got paid. We put together a really simple marketing plan that immediately generated more of the right work and we also put some simple systems in place making it super easy for them to track how they were doing financially each week.

6 months later, Pete and Damo look like “the cat that swallowed the canary”. Business has become fun, profitable and they have had time off to go fishing, mountain biking as well as camping with their families.