This is such an important step; this is where we have the opportunity to learn whether we have achieved our original desired outcome or goal.

I use the word original because it is tempting to keep on changing the desired outcome or goal as we start to work on it. I like to recommend that the first port of call is to ask the question, “Did I achieve what I originally set out to achieve?”

If you did achieve it, that is fantastic, and before you move onto the next desired goal or outcome spend some time celebrating, or at least congratulate yourself and spend some time reflecting on what you have achieved. In today’s society we are too quick to tick that goal off and start moving onto the next one. Think about what you did well, what you could have done better, and how you thought you would feel when you first set the goal and how you feel right now.

If you did not achieve the original desired goal or outcome, what are the actual results you achieved, and what is the gap?