Excuse me, where is Gate 41?

I was waiting to catch a flight from Sydney to Cairns and I must have been asked this question at least 5 times.  I was standing between Gates 40 and 42, and Gate 41 was nowhere to be seen.  Down the one side of the airport the Gates where all in numerical order except for Gate 41. Gate 41 was on the opposite side of the corridor!  I am sure it seemed obvious to the person who designed and allocated where the Gates where but for the passengers it was very confusing.

I posted a video on this in our Facebook Group, Passion, Progress and Profit, you can become a member of the group and check it out here.

What’s my point?

Think about your business, what systems or processes have you put in place that seem obvious to you but not to your team or your customers.

Weekly Action – Invest some time just observing how people interact with your business and think about how you can make it easier for them.