Knowing what you want to achieve is not always enough; you need to know why you want to achieve something.

Know “why” before you get lost in the “how”. In the pursuit of achieving better results you need to be prepared to make changes – this can be difficult, and so understanding how to make a change is important.

If you know “why” you will figure out “how”. If your “why” or reasons for achieving a goal are big enough, “how” you achieve it is easy. On the other hand, if your “why” is not significant enough to you then any difficulty you may encounter in the “how” will stop you.

Another benefit of being clear about your “why” is that it gives you the certainty and confidence that is often needed when “naysayers” try to tell you why it’s not a good idea, why it won’t work, why it won’t be worth the effort and countless other negative thoughts.