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If you are like many “tradies” I’ve met and worked with you will have at least one, if not two or three of the following problems and frustrations:

Not getting enough of the right business through the door which makes it difficult to grow and scale.

Wearing too many hats and working crazy hours including nights and weekends, feeling out of control and not being able to take holidays or spend quality time with family and friends.

3) Not making enough money, it feels like money is going out as quickly as it comes in and you feel like you can’t pay yourself what you are worth. You may sometimes worry about your business reaching its full potential and even consider going back to getting a job.

What you need is to:

Maximise Sales by getting consistent quality leads for the right type of work, in your ideal price range which convert into signed contracts through a tested and proven sales process.

2) Maximise Productivity and get off the tools by implementing excellent systems and being able to find, hire and train the right staff. Have the confidence to take holidays and know your business will still perform at its best.

Maximise Cash by pricing jobs efficiently and having clarity around all the numbers in your business. This means you will be able to drive profits, grow your margins, increase your cashflow and reap the rewards of being a successful business owner.

This programme is designed to help you get off the tools, free up your time, make more money and get your team performing so you can take your business to the next level.

Our methodology is simple:

Here are the logistics:

There is a perfect mix of EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, IMPLEMENTATION, COMMUNITY & ACCOUNTABILITY. You will learn best business practices and be able to implement these immediately in your business, so you can build a business that works FOR you.
1) A Quick Start One on One Session – In the first 14 days we will have a one on one call where I will help you build your own “Rapid Results Action Game Plan” and decide on the most important money-getting, time-feeing tactics you can implement in the next 30/60/90 days before our next high-performance strategy, planning and implementation workshops.

2) 3 Planning and Implementation Days - We get together 3 times a year for a full day in February, June and October each year for our Massive Action Days (MAD) which are high-performance strategy, planning and IMPLEMENTATION workshops. You will leave the workshop with a clear 4-month plan and clear next steps on what to do before we meet again.

3) 3 Emergency Breakthrough Sessions - If you get stuck or have a specific challenge or opportunity and need some urgent help, you can access my diary and we will have a one on one focused session together.

4) 40 Weekly 1 Hour Momentum Group Calls – These calls will alternate each week between a Live Training Sessions and Q & A Sessions. You will learn some of the best business tactics and strategies as well as be able to have any of your questions answered as you start to implement what you have learnt into your business. It’s surprising how many businesses have similar challenges. I make sure that the questions remain relevant and are to the point. These calls are recorded, categorised and you will be able to access them at any time online.

5) Access to our Membership Website – this means you can view 100’s of templates, training videos and resource documents at any time.

​6) 9 One on One Coaching Calls* – Each month you will have a one on one focused 1-hour coaching call with your coach. On these calls you will receive an injection of enthusiasm, accountability and specific business ideas, strategies and tactics relative to your business so you can stay focused, motivated and on track to achieve the results you desire as you take your business to the next level.

These programmes are a great option for people who get into the business as technicians and want to become skilled as an entrepreneur and build a strong, profitable business.

* 9 one on one coaching calls included inGet Off The Tools Plus programme only.

Get Off The Tools

Just $995 per month or $9,950 12 months paid upfront.

Book a free 15 minute call with Sam to find out if this programme is right for you.

Get Off The Tools Plus

Just $1,495 per month or $14,950 12 months paid upfront.

Book a free 15 minute call with Sam to find out if this programme is right for you.

Build a strong, profitable business.

Solutions to suit most businesses, lifestyles and budget.

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"Your business is your vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals"

Sam Harrop
Founder of Business Maximiser Coaching