People are often reluctant to “follow up” with a prospective client after a meeting or after sending through a quote or proposal.

The easiest way to do this is to phone and just ask for some “feedback” or you can do what we did with this company.

Working with a tourism-based business we managed to increase their sales immediately by doing a couple of things. 

1)  We always offered to send anyone that made an enquiry some extra information. 

2)  We then called them the very next day to check if they had received the information (you will be surprised at how often we can get the e-mail address wrong). 

3)  Once we had established that they had received the information we asked them what they thought of the proposal.  This was an easy way to have a conversation with them to see how we could best help them. 

4)  If they didn’t make a booking on that call, we would send them an e-mail a week later, to see if they were still interested in booking with us. (More about this e-mail in next week’s blog.)

The results were amazing, their conversion rate went up.