If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, Then How Many Is A...Worth?

Demonstrating your product or service can often be the quickest and easiest way to convert a person making an enquiry into a client.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can make your product or service more tangible. You do an actual physical demonstration or a video of a demonstration.  You can use photo’s, think about before and after photos.  If you sell a physical product having a sample that people can feel, and touch is great and so are testimonials, especially if they are given on video.

This week

Invest some time thinking about how you can better demonstrate the value of your products or services by talking less and showing more!

Case Study

Working with a company the specialised in building high quality, cyclone rated sheds.

The sales team could talk about the quality of the materials we used, the specific engineering and the experience of our installers, however what we found worked best was to show people a massive engine block that was suspended off one of the beams in the middle of the display shed. 

It was always interesting to watch their reaction and almost every single person would walk over to the engine block and feel compelled to touch it. 

We also knew that the longer they looked at it and then touched it and then looked at it again and again, the better our chances were of us closing the sale.