I am curious to hear how you and your business is travelling. It seems that word-of-mouth is a common way for us to get new customers and I thought you would be interested in the following. Let me know what you think.

Do I trust you enough to buy from you?

What is it about human nature that we tend to believe what someone else says about a product we are interested in buying, but we don’t have the same trust about the person trying to serve you. 

On the flip side, as a salesperson, how frustrating is it when you have a prospective customer with you, yet you get the feeling they do not believe you.  You’ve answered their questions, given them a great price, and they still hesitate to buy.

You feel frustrated and start channelling John McEnroe “you can’t be serious” when they don’t buy.

What’s missing?

A handful of testimonials is the key.  Third-party validation, or social proof, is the most important strategy for converting an enquiry into a customer.

Here are 3 reasons why testimonials work…

1. Testimonials are an arm’s length perspective from someone else’s point of view.  We trust this source and it sits right alongside word-of-mouth from a friend (and we know how important word-of-mouth is.)

2. The role of a testimonial is to build trust.  They say, ‘the eyes are the pathway to the soul’, and a photo of the person or a video provides that.

3. We know that 80% of buying decisions are based on emotion, whilst 20% of buying decisions are based on logic.  We need both.  A well-produced testimonial provides the emotional support to your logical sales conversation.

Testimonials are a great way to help prospective customers know you’re credible and trustworthy.  

It makes it easy for them to buy from you.