One of the biggest stresses and killers of small business is cashflow problems which are often as a result of not getting paid. What you do before you do the work, while you doing the work and after you have completed the work will help you get paid in full quicker and easier. 

Here are a couple of quick tips:

  • Before the job – Establish that you can help them, that you are speaking to the person with the authority to engage your services, they understand your rates and they are willing to pay.  Its even better if you can get them to commit to paying before you do the work with them providing their credit card details or a deposit.
  • During the job – Do what you say you were going to do, get written approval before you do any extra work, take photos before and after you have done the work. If possible get confirmation they are happy with the job before you leave.
  • After the job – If you weren’t able to do it before, check they are happy with the job, invoice quickly, have a documented follow up procedure for outstanding payments