No! I am not talking about little pills or even certain herbs, I am talking about how you can design your life so that you can be happier more often.

We all have certain things that make us happy. It can be being with specific people or even a whole group of people, it can be doing certain activities, listening to a certain type of music, visiting certain places, it can even be just sitting down and relaxing and doing nothing!

Here are three steps:

1) Make a list of all the things that make you happy.

2) Those things that require time, schedule them in your diary. Date night, visiting friends, going on family adventures, weekends away.

3) Make the things more accessible. For example, I enjoy “trying” to play the guitar and love listening to my son play the guitar. So rather than storing it in a carry bag in a cupboard, it’s now on a stand in his room. Because it’s there and it’s visible, we both play it more often!

Invest a little time in designing your diary and your environment so you can experience more happiness.