One on One Coaching

Making your business more profitable and less reliant on you.

This is a fully customised and tailor made programme designed specifically for you and your business,

Business success is not accidental……..
It is planned.
It is strategised.
It is directed.  

If you are working long hours, if you feel that your business can’t survive unless you’re actively in it and you are wanting the freedom of having a strong, profitable business that is not dependent on you  then this programme is ideal for you,

By working with Sam, you will have someone who is on your side, with no other agenda other than to support you and your business’s success. 

You will have someone to help you re-focus, re-energise and re-motivate you.

Working one on one with Sam is hugely advantageous to your business. He is able to view your business from a new and different perspective, become a solid sounding board and give you the confidence to make decisions with clarity.

With extensive business knowledge and a proven track record of business success, Sam works with you to clearly define outcomes, create and implement effective strategies and consider short and long-term opportunities. This input and accountability lead to effective solutions that set you up for success by building a strong, profitable and valuable business

Every year Sam has a limited number of spaces available to work one-on-one with business owners.

Book a free 15 minute call with Sam below to see if he can help you and your business.

What can Sam help you with? 


Do you want more sales? Sam will show you how to increase your sales by having a well-defined sales process.


Do you want more money? Learn how to unlock the hidden profits in your business by understanding your business.


Do you want a consistent flow of new and well-qualified leads for your business to thrive? Sam will show you how to create an effective marketing plan quickly and easily.


Have you ever felt like yelling “Show Me The Money”? Sam will show you how to improve your cash flow quickly and effectively.


Do you want to drive productivity in your business through the roof? Use critical drivers to increase the levels of accountability and get outstanding results.

Tracking Performance

Do you want a ‘dashboard’ for your business, so you can track your progress on a daily or weekly basis and then make changes quickly when necessary?


Do you want more time to make more money and do the things you enjoy doing? Sam will share an easy way to provide a structure for your team and free up your time.


Do you hate numbers or find them difficult to understand? Sam will show you the 3 key numbers you must to know to make sure your business is on track.


Do you know what you need to do next to prepare your business for sale? Sam will show you how to maximise the sale prices of your business.


Do you want to get your business working so you don’t have to? Sam will show you the seven key areas you need to systemise in your business.


Do you want a team of engaged, motivated employees? Sam will show you how to recruit the right people, engage your team and build a solid foundation for a great culture.


Do you want clarity and direction? Sam will show you how to easily develop an ‘Action Plan’ which will give you clarity around what you need to do by when.

Build a strong, profitable business.

Solutions to suit most businesses, lifestyles and budget.

A few of our success stories.

"Your business is your vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals"

Sam Harrop
Founder of Business Maximiser Coaching