It can be easy to confuse quality over quantity.

Just because there is more does not necessarily mean it’s better.

I was reminded of this simple concept the other day when I sat down with a business owner and his wife. 18 months prior, they had decided that they wanted to improve and grow their business. They signed up for a 12-month business programme.

The course appeared to be very comprehensive and covered all the key areas required to grow and scale a business.

When they joined, they received 12 huge files, filled with 1000’s of pages of information. Included in the deal were also a series of online webinars and a member’s website with even more worksheets, information packs and videos.

BUT …….… in 12 months, they had achieved very little.

WHY……………. they did not know where to start! They felt completely overwhelmed and after trying a few random things and not making any progress, they just decided to work harder in the business.

WHATS MY POINT …………… learning “stuff” just in case you need it, is a luxury for students and not for most business owners.

As a business owner you want to have the right information at the right time so you can take the right actions to get the right results. Think of it as “Just in Time Learning” instead of “Just in Case Learning.”

That’s why when I work with business owners, we get together and get an understanding of where they are right now, where they want to go and what’s getting in the way. Together we then design a “Rapid Results Action Game Plan” which includes the actions they need to take and the exact resources they need to access to get the right information, right away!

Yes, less can be more!

ACTION: Ask yourself where are you confusing quantity with quality AND what can you be doing less of to achieve more?