Recession Ready Programme

Taking Your Business from Chaos to Control

You will have access to the best strategies, tactics and tools to help you stabilise your business so you can take back control.

The best form of defence is a good offence. 

We are in unchartered waters; many business owners have gone from Thriving or Stable right down to Surviving or Dying 

People are consumed with fear and are defensive, they are consuming the fear by watching the news, visiting social media and speaking to the ill-informed, we want to flip this around and put you on the offence so you can take pro-active steps to create a different outcome a better outcome.

What I am seeing is 3 key problems:

  1. Not getting enough business through the door, its slowing down, or has stopped
  2. A downturn in productivity – your team are worried, distracted or unwell
  3. Your cashflow is drying up

We are not sure about how much longer this situation is going to last. You may be thinking and unsure on how much longer you and your business can last and what is the overall impact going to be on you and your business.

You may also be feeling uncertain about what happens if you don’t get paid and you can’t then pay your bills, the uncertainty of whether you can stay in business and what happens next

As a business owner what you need right now is:

  1. Maximise the available sales by being able to retain existing clients, attract and convert any of the work that is available and be in the best possible position to take on more work as it becomes available.

  2. Maximise Productivity by effectively leading your team, using available technology and resources to deliver your services in the best possible way and remain relevant.

  3. Maximise Cashflow through quick easy reporting and being able to identify how much money you need by when and how to control the flow through quickly identifying which expenses to minimise and where to focus spending to get the best possible returns.

You will have access to the best strategies, tactics and tools to help you stabilise your business so you can take back control.

  1. 4 R’s of Client Continuity and Commitment to maximise the retention of your existing clients

  2. The Opportunity Matrix – to identify which are the right products, clients and messaging you need to focus on to meet today’s market

  3. Compelling Offers That Convert - How to create relevant and compelling offers to get people to commit to you right now

  4. Discover the Powerful You - in times like this how you see yourself will determine how effective you will be as a leader

  5. Workforce Plan - Work force planning so your team and your business are stronger, more resilient and ready to get the work done and out the door

  6. Remote Control - How to lead a remote team so that they become even more productive when they are not able to come into the office

  7. Simple Dashboard & Reporting - A simple dashboard and cashflow forecast tool so you know where you stand each week and can stay ahead of the curve

  8. Get Paid Now - How to get paid for the work you are going to do and have done

  9. Cut the Fat and Build the Muscle - How to take maximise the resources and funds being made available to business owners

I have three questions for you:

  1. How is this different to what you are doing right now?
  2. What if we don’t do this? The environment has changed, if you don’t proactively take steps to take control you will no longer be the captain of our own ship, you may or may not make it and your destiny is outside of your hands
  3. What if we do this? – Take control, seen to lead and put yourself in the best possible position to weather the storm, you will come out of this stronger and be in a much better position to take advantage of the opportunities which will present themselves

Once we have got you and your business to stable, we can then have a conversation on how we can take your business to thriving. In other words, let’s get you into the life raft and then we can talk about the yacht.

Here are the logistics: 

There is a perfect mix of EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, IMPLEMENTATION, COMMUNITY & ACCOUNTABILITY. You will learn best business practices and be able to implement these immediately in your business, so you can build a business that works FOR you.

1) A Quick Start One on One Session – In the first 14 days we will have a one on one call where I will help you build your own “Rapid Results Action Game Plan” and decide on the most important money-getting, time-feeing tactics you can implement in the next 30/60/90 days before our next high-performance strategy, planning and implementation workshops.

2) 3 Planning and Implementation Days - We get together 3 times a year for a full day in February, June and October each year for our Massive Action Days (MAD) which are high-performance strategy, planning and IMPLEMENTATION workshops. You will leave the workshop with a clear 4-month plan and clear next steps on what to do before we meet again.

3) 40 Weekly 1 Hour Momentum Group Calls – These calls will alternate each week between a Live Training Sessions and Q & A Sessions. You will learn some of the best business tactics and strategies as well as be able to have any of your questions answered as you start to implement what you have learnt into your business. It’s surprising how many businesses have similar challenges. I make sure that the questions remain relevant and are to the point. These calls are recorded, categorised and you will be able to access them at any time online.

4) Access to our Membership Website – this means you can view 100’s of templates, training videos and resource documents at any time.

5) 4 one on one, 30-minute Breakthrough sessions with me - If you get stuck or have a specific challenge or opportunity, we will have a one on one focused session together.

Based on what is happening we have been working with industry experts and some of our key clients to deliver a programme which is 100% relevant to what is happening right now.

Recession Ready Programme

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