I am what some would call a reluctant shopper, particularly when it comes to buying clothes.  I am the kind of person that when I find a pair of jeans I like, I will buy three pairs, that way I don’t need to worry about buying jeans again for a long time.

So you can imagine my level of reluctance when my wife suggested that we go to the mall on the 27th December, yes the day after the Boxing Day Sales.  I could just picture crowded shops, with loads of people looking for bargains, on half-filled shelves with a notable absence of staff to help.

My wife decide that I should start at Myers, well was I pleasantly surprised.  I was looking with minor interest at a pair of shoes, when one of the team members (and I use this term very specifically) casually asked what size shoe I was, I replied without thinking and she said, “excellent let me get a pair for you to try on”.  Yes I tried on the shoes and they fitted perfectly, she then offered to take them up to the till and basically invited me to continue looking.  When I was looking at some shirts another team member reminded me that their change rooms where close by and I was welcome to see how the shirts fitted.  In the change rooms there was no minimum number of items, the cubicles were large enough to get changed in, they were cool and well lit and so my good experience continued. The lady that had originally helped me saw me now walking through the store with a couple more garments and offered to take them and put them with my shoes, she also asked me my name so she could set everything aside for me.  During the course of my shopping spree, which I might add came to more than I spent on clothes in the last 12 months, a number of different team members interacted and helped me.

Being passionate about sales it was a conversation my wife and I had going home, here all these “staff members” were actually working as a team, they were present, engaged and they were very helpful.  My wife had a similar experience when she shopped there which is why she suggested we start at Myers.

We knew WHAT we had experienced however I was curious on HOW Myers had achieved this remarkable experience.  So I phoned and asked to speak to the manager of the store and pass on the good feedback and find out what it was that they were doing.  There were many of the standard things, a recruitment strategy, and proper induction programme for new team members, regular training, regular meetings, good systems etc., but here’s the clincher - every team member was asked to focus on DELIGHTING the customer.  This was the essence of our experiences summed up in one easy word that the team members understood and who had the ability and skills to implement.

Next year when I need to go shopping you can easily guess where I am going can’t you?