Here's how you can sell more by changing your focus.

Without sales you will have no business.

But I don’t want to be seen as a sales person I hear you say.

And I agree if you define being a salesman as……..being pushing and trying to trick people to buy things that don’t want or need.

What if you think of sales as a way of helping people to buy from you?

Imagine if you could do this easily, in a professional friendly way, where people understand that it your intention to help them, that you have their interests at heart……….well you can.

It starts with your intention……………make it your intention to help people.

You can quickly and easily do this two ways;

1) Let people know up front that if you don’t believe you can help them that you will let them know.

2) Ask for permission to be able to ask some questions… could say something along the lines of ……just so I can help you best would it be OK if I ask you a couple of questions

When you change you mind set and have those conversations you will see an immediate improvement in your sales