Success Stories

Ross and Naomi Nucifora owners of RSC Diesels

"Sam has introduced us to a whole new world of opportunity, different ways of thinking, different ways of doing things and we have seen huge results, it's been absolutely worth while"

Kevin Clarke owner of 180 Degrees IT Solutions

" One of the best things about working with Sam is that from his coaching I not only have a successful business. I also have the time to be there for my kids, more time than I have ever been able to spend with them."

Michael Foggin and Garth Wild owners of Cairns Quality Engineering and Fabrication.

"Our biggest wins have been restructuring all our pricing so it's now at a level that's competitive with everyone else. We have also taken on a new emplyee which has freed up some of our time to focus on the business side of things.  "

Shaun Kilfoy owner of Kilfoy Cabinets

"In terms of sales we now look at what are the right jobs for the business and our staff and so have seen a definite improvement, they key is getting the right systems in place.  "

Suzanne Rath owner of Wellness Embodied

"Since joining the Business Maximiser programme I have cut down the hours I work in the clinic and plan on reducing them even further, I have hired an awesome practice manager and am completing my dashboard so I know exactly how my business is tracking."

At a recent event we asked a group of our clients about their experiences working with Sam Harrop, this is what they had to say.

Our turnover has more than doubled and our profits have tripled! I have also employed two new team members.

Peter Harben QLD Air Compressors

After speaking to Sam and sharing where I was in my business and what my goals were, I felt the timing was perfect. I also realised that something needed to change. Since joining I have become more intentional on working on my business, I am already receiving positive feedback from some of the changes we have implemented. I have become aware of some of my blind spots, and by being part of a supportive community and Sam’s passion been inspired and guided to take the “logical” next best steps. If you are ready and happy to be stretched and sharpened to get better results, then I can highly recommend you speak to Sam.

Darren Lewis Fathering Adventures

Previously I had tried using a “business coach” however I found it to be a waste of money and time. Sam came highly recommended as the right business mentor for me from another business advisor. I used to feel overwhelmed with some situations and then would act in haste and make the matter worse. Once I met Sam, I realised he was the right person and that we would work well together. We have developed a plan that makes perfect sense and is able to be executed and measured. I leave each meeting with Sam feeling motivated and clear on what I need to do. He has given me the confidence to lead my team, a better understanding of best business practices and helped me grow my business. Often people have the technical skills when commencing a business but not the business acumen and people skills required to do so successfully, Sam helps with that!

Lisa Price Jade Cosmetics and Wellness Clinics

Before we met Sam, we were not sure whether a business coach could add value to our business and improve the bottom line. We engaged Sam and saw immediate value, we are now even more focused, we have a plan, clear roles and responsibilities. Colin and I are both working to our strengths which has had a positive effect on our business, our relationship and our personal lives. Having an external expert as an accountability partner has been a very positive aspect. Sam is a great sounding board for our big ideas, he has helped us get on track, stay on track and achieve a great financial outcome.

Lesley Van Staveren FNQ Plastics

I thought I was running a reasonably successful business (and didn’t really need a coach) and on the other hand I was eager to learn new things that would give me an edge. Sam was referred by two friends who run successful businesses. Sam has help me think strategically – i.e. think about what and why we do what we do in business – vision, mission etc. He is a great “sounding board” and helped me filter out the “crap” ideas. Sam has helped me focus on building a great work culture which aligns with my values and each quarter we do a report which gives both my wife and I peace of mind. I enjoy working with Sam and would recommend his services if you are ready to learn new things

Rodney Byl Astute Building Certification

I engaged Sam as my business coach after hearing him speak to a group of business women. He was humorous, engaging, and knowledgeable. He himself embodies what everyone wants to be as a business owner: professional, prompt, patient, cognizant of the big picture and possessing the skills to encourage and empower others. He has challenged me to stretch my comfort zone at a time I had plateaued as a business owner, and now I am seeing an increase in sales while working fewer hours. He has taught me to be more efficient and how to improve my sales techniques. Sam uses the perfect balance of the carrot and the stick, and I am grateful to have had his skills as coach and mentor.

Laurie Pritchard Small World Journeys

"Your business is your vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals"

Sam Harrop
Founder of Business Maximiser Coaching