Success Stories

Mathew Massimissa
Jim's Pool Care, Kewarra Beach

"Since working with Sam we have grown our business to 3 employees and service vehicles on the road and our profits have increased by 30%"

Shane McLeod
McLeod's Painting

"Everything that Sam says makes sense, the systems and process that Sam gave us help our business increase sales and profitability"

Sy and Amber Dolphin
Sy Dolphin Electrical

 "Our revenue is up 137% and profit is up 446% it's great to feel successful again! "

Clinton Taylor
David Taylor Spray Painting and Panel Beating

"Since working with Sam we have had the best quarter on record, we actually made more profit last quarter than we did last year! Our conversion rate has gone from 35% to 50% - which is great considering we are doing 45 quotes a week"

Peter Harben
Queensland Air Compressors

"Sam helped triple the weekly turnover and only increased the staff by 2, that then increased profit. We got the business from stable to successful so we had the resources to set up and run a second branch in Townsville"

Ross and Naomi Nucifora
RSC Diesels

"Sam has introduced us to a whole new world of opportunity, different ways of thinking, different ways of doing things and we have seen huge results, it's been absolutely worth while"

Kevin Clarke
180 Degrees IT Solutions

" One of the best things about working with Sam is that from his coaching I not only have a successful business. I also have the time to be there for my kids, more time than I have ever been able to spend with them."

Michael Foggin and Garth Wild
Cairns Quality Engineering and Fabrication

"Our biggest wins have been restructuring all our pricing so it's now at a level that's competitive with everyone else. We have also taken on a new employee which has freed up some of our time to focus on the business side of things.  "

Shaun Kilfoy
Kilfoy Cabinets

"In terms of sales we now look at what are the right jobs for the business and our staff and so have seen a definite improvement, the key is getting the right systems in place."

Our turnover has more than doubled and our profits have tripled! I have also employed two new team members.

Peter Harben QLD Air Compressors

At a recent event we asked a group of our clients about their experiences working with Sam Harrop, this is what they had to say.

Suzanne Rath
Wellness Embodied

"Since joining the Business Maximiser programme I have cut down the hours I work in the clinic and plan on reducing them even further"

A year ago, we made the strategic decision to enrol in the coaching program offered by Sam and the team at Business Maximiser. As a business owner with over two decades of experience, I thought we were doing well. However, everything changed when I had the privilege of hearing Sam speak at an event. His insights and strategies resonated deeply with me, and I knew we had to get on board with his approach.

Sam's coaching has transformed our business in ways we couldn't have imagined. With his guidance, we've seamlessly streamlined our operations and implemented processes that were previously absent. The impact on our growth has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our clients now experience a level of satisfaction that comes from being well-informed at every step of the way.

One of the most significant changes has been gaining a clear view of our business's course. We not only understand where we stand presently, but we also have a solid grasp of where we're headed. This newfound clarity has made working on the business more enjoyable. The weekly momentum calls, a feature offered by Business Maximiser, are invaluable. These calls provide a platform for us to gain insights from fellow businesses in similar fields, enriching our perspective and fostering collective growth.

The wealth of information available online for members is astounding, and the challenges posed are invigorating. This keeps us engaged and motivated, consistently pushing us to surpass our limits. Thanks to Sam and his team, our company has achieved levels of success that once seemed unattainable.

Daniela & Drihan
Urban Pro Builders

Before we started with Business Maximiser Coaching, I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to proceed with our business. Thankfully, someone recommended Sam's services, and after doing some research, I decided to reach out for help. Our initial meeting with Sam left a great impression on us – his offerings, personality, and style were exactly what we were looking for. Matt could never work with someone who just told him what he wanted to hear or pretended that it was easy or that they had the ‘magic fix’

The combination of Business Maximiser Coaching's offerings and Sam's approachable and genuine personality created an environment that perfectly suited our business needs. The program provided a wealth of practical and useful information, along with a step-by-step plan for achieving success. Having Sam by our side not only as a guide but also as an accountability partner has been invaluable in our journey towards success. The excitement of seeing our profits grow is undeniable, but what excites me even more is the prospect of establishing sustainable practices that will ensure our continued success. I can't wait for the future where we can strike a better work-life balance while watching our business flourish.

I believe that anyone, especially those running trade-related businesses, would greatly benefit from joining this program. These businesses often consist of hardworking individuals who excel in their respective fields but could use some guidance on the business side of things. Sam's honest and down-to-earth approach to promoting his services truly resonated with me because I wasn't seeking quick fixes; I wanted real and lasting changes.

I'm very glad we found Sam and Business Maximiser Coaching, we know we are on the right track to working smarter not harder.

Maya McArthur 
Southern Cross Electrics & Air Conditioning

Working with Sam Harrop from Business Maximiser has been an absolute delight for the directors of Millair Climate Control & Electrical Pty Ltd. We're a dynamic trio with strong personalities, and Sam has effortlessly navigated the twists and turns of our business journey over the past 12 months.

Imagine three directors with minds as diverse as the climates we control. We're like a weather forecast panel, each bringing our unique forecast to the table. But Sam, our very own meteorologist of business strategy, has the uncanny ability to harmonize our visions and steer us towards success.

Sam's professionalism is as reliable as a perfectly functioning air conditioner on a scorching summer day. He's a master at identifying our individual strengths and blending them into a harmonious symphony. Like a conductor, he orchestrates our efforts to create a beautiful melody of growth and accomplishment.

Sam's strategic thinking and innovative ideas have been a breath of fresh air for our business. With his guidance, we've expanded into new markets, including the recent opening of our second branch in the East Arnhem Region. Sam's expertise has allowed us to tap into untapped potential and take our business to new heights.

But let's not forget about the laughter Sam brings to our boardroom. His quick wit and infectious humour have transformed our serious meetings into joyful gatherings. He's like the comedy relief in a business drama, injecting levity into our discussions and keeping the energy high. We're convinced he could moonlight as a stand-up comedian if he ever wanted a career change.

In summary, Sam Harrop from Business Maximiser has been an invaluable asset to our team. His ability to align our diverse perspectives, his strategic guidance, and his knack for bringing humour to the table have made our journey with him a truly enjoyable one. If you're seeking a professional who can ignite growth, foster unity, and sprinkle a bit of laughter along the way, Sam is the perfect fit.

Thank you, Sam, for your unwavering dedication and for keeping our business cool even when things heat up. We appreciate your expertise and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the years to come.

Millair Climate Control & Electrical Pty Ltd

Before I met Sam, I had committed to another coaching programme. The Business Maximiser Program looked impressive and both Sam and I agreed it would be best for me to complete my current commitment and then review the suitability of the programme afterwards.  Once I started with Sam, I was impressed with him as a person and his personalised approach to me and my business. I love having anytime access to the members library which means I can access all the resources I need in my own time.  I am now able to fit in business development around my work life. I feel good knowing that Sam is my coach and that I have a step-by-step plan that will continue to challenge me and let the business grow to any level that I can imagine pushing it to. I would recommend anyone to Sam that is willing to learn and be hungry to get better in themselves and their business because he has a level of dedication that will take you there. There is one condition though, you must be willing to put in the effort, otherwise I would suggest finding another coach.

Ryan Toohey 
Voltech Services

I thought I was running a reasonably successful business (and didn’t really need a coach) and on the other hand I was eager to learn new things that would give me an edge. Sam was referred by two friends who run successful businesses. Sam has help me think strategically – i.e. think about what and why we do what we do in business – vision, mission etc. He is a great “sounding board” and helped me filter out the “crap” ideas. Sam has helped me focus on building a great work culture which aligns with my values and each quarter we do a report which gives both my wife and I peace of mind. I enjoy working with Sam and would recommend his services if you are ready to learn new things

Rodney Byl 
Astute Building Certification

I was lucky enough to be employed by Sam in 2011 in a Business Development role where I had the opportunity to observe Sam coaching his clients. I learned so much in that time, and when I started my own business over a decade later I was able to avoid a lot of missteps that new business owners tend to make when they’re starting out because of that knowledge. In year 4 of my businesses I felt like I had platueued and needed some assistance in growing to the next level. I also knew I needed someone who actually knew what they were talking about to advise me and someone to hold me accountable to do what needed to get done. Sam was the first and only call I made, even though I’m now on the Gold Coast and he’s in Cairns.

The weekly group calls are amazing, there’s always something new to learn. And I tend to jump on the call early for the Q&A with Sam; even if I don’t have anything to ask there’s always something to learn from questions the business owners have. Then our 1:1 sessions are where we workshop whatever project I’m working on at the time. Both sessions are invaluable. Next month will be my highest revenue month ever and it 100% would not have happened without the guidance and education I’ve received from Sam. Like any coaching, you still have to get on the field and do the work so if you’re not willing to implement change then Sam is probably not for you. But if you’re passionate about your business and want to grow, then Sam’s your man. 

Maddy Ellis 
Habitat Marketing

I'll be the first to admit, I was as sceptical as they come when the idea of using a business coach was proposed to me. After spending what felt like a lifetime being coached in one way or another, I've grown pretty savvy about the type of coaching that resonates with me. I won't sugarcoat it - it took me a good four years to finally bite the bullet and get in touch with Sam at Business Maximiser Coaching. But what I soon discovered is that Sam is a coach who walks the talk, he's not just about selling an idea, he's about backing it up with strategies and the know-how to really get things moving. Plus, the guy keeps a meticulous record of everything, which I've found is a great way to keep me accountable.

After a not such a great experience with a previous coach, I knew I needed something different. I didn't want a coach that felt like a throwback to my school days - trust me, I left school for a reason. I needed someone who's got the energy, the motivation, and a good understanding of how the business world works. Sam, you ticked all these boxes for me. Your natural motivation and enthusiasm was infectious, and it became clear to me that this was exactly what I was looking for in a coach.

Since joining Business Maximiser Coaching, we’ve cranked up our turnover, profit, productivity, and improved our staff training and customer service. The list goes on.

A business owner who's willing to keep an open mind, take on new learning, accept feedback, and see beyond the immediate to focus on the bigger picture would benefit from joining the Business Maximiser Programme.

Daniel Gray
Convenient Plumbing

We engaged Business Maximiser Coaching to help us streamline our business structure and our niche market. Sam is magnificent - Sam provided us with the tools, confidence and support that we were needing at the time. We learnt so much, not only about ourselves but our clients also. Sam and his team provided us with a safe space to ask silly questions and explore our creative mind within a business capacity. Absolutely genius if you ask us!!

If you are considering it – do it! You won’t look back.

Thank you to you Sam and your entire team. We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and in particular the Massive Action Days you put on, the opportunity that presented to brainstorm and network was brilliant. 

We feel that we have a more complex understanding of our business, where we came from and where we are heading. A process that we wouldn’t have achieved without Business Maximiser Coaching.

Melissa & Ricky Townsend
Townsend Construction

Previously I had tried using a “business coach” however I found it to be a waste of money and time. Sam came highly recommended as the right business mentor for me from another business advisor. I used to feel overwhelmed with some situations and then would act in haste and make the matter worse. Once I met Sam, I realised he was the right person and that we would work well together. We have developed a plan that makes perfect sense and is able to be executed and measured. I leave each meeting with Sam feeling motivated and clear on what I need to do. He has given me the confidence to lead my team, a better understanding of best business practices and helped me grow my business. Often people have the technical skills when commencing a business but not the business acumen and people skills required to do so successfully, Sam helps with that!

Lisa Price 
Jade Cosmetics and Wellness Clinics

I engaged Sam as my business coach after hearing him speak to a group of business women. He was humorous, engaging, and knowledgeable. He himself embodies what everyone wants to be as a business owner: professional, prompt, patient, cognizant of the big picture and possessing the skills to encourage and empower others. He has challenged me to stretch my comfort zone at a time I had plateaued as a business owner, and now I am seeing an increase in sales while working fewer hours. He has taught me to be more efficient and how to improve my sales techniques. Sam uses the perfect balance of the carrot and the stick, and I am grateful to have had his skills as coach and mentor.

Laurie Pritchard 
Small World Journeys

Initially when I was considering joining the Business Maximiser Programme, I felt apprehensive. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to apply the principles to my business specifically. After speaking with Sam and following some of his initial recommendations & advice, we saw immediate improvements in the business workings and an increase in profits. In 8 months we have already hit your twelve month goals.  We now have clarity on the right type of work for us and who we want to do work for.  We are regularly getting referrals from happy clients. 

We have put processes in place to build a great culture, our staff are really working together as a team towards the same goal. We have also found it easier to recruit the right staff and have hired two more tradesman.  Through the programme we have also had support available when faced with difficult or complicated business decisions. I feel much more confident moving forward with a specific plan in place to achieve the goals we set out to do when we first started our business. 

I can highly recommend the Business Maximiser Programme to anyone with ambition and a strong work ethic that wants to see their business fulfil its potential.

Sheldon Powe-Hobbs
Cairns Custom Bathrooms

After speaking to Sam and sharing where I was in my business and what my goals were, I felt the timing was perfect. I also realised that something needed to change. Since joining I have become more intentional on working on my business, I am already receiving positive feedback from some of the changes we have implemented. I have become aware of some of my blind spots, and by being part of a supportive community and Sam’s passion been inspired and guided to take the “logical” next best steps. If you are ready and happy to be stretched and sharpened to get better results, then I can highly recommend you speak to Sam.

Darren Lewis 
Fathering Adventures

"Your business is your vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals"

Sam Harrop
Founder of Business Maximiser Coaching