Here's a testimonial we received from Sy and Amber at Sy Dolphin Electrical;

'We started working with Sam in Sept 2019 at a time when our business was flailing. We had been in operation for over 15 years but a downturn in Tourism severely affected the small town of Port Douglas where our business is located.

We were not prepared to give up on so many years of hard work and decided to give Business Coaching a try. It was the best decision we have ever made for our business and has made an enormous impact on us personally as well. We are just kicking ourselves we did not do it sooner.

We initially chose to work with Sam as he offered a program specific to Trade Businesses and the video’s he had on his website indicated he knew how best to help businesses like ours. His approach was down to earth but at the same time professional which is how we operate, so was very relatable. It soon became very evident Sam’s advice and support can be used across many different types of businesses and we greatly benefit from working with other business types in our group action days and regular momentum calls.

When we first started working with Sam, we were very overwhelmed. We had been working very reactively in our business and there was so much we needed to learn. Our first meetings with Sam assured us, as he was able to help us focus on what was priority for our business at the time.

We regularly attend his Momentum Calls to maintain this focus and ensure we are accountable for the commitments we make to work on the different areas benefitting us most. Furthermore, the resources he makes available to us on his members site ensure we always have access to what we need when we need it. We are able to review areas we are unsure about and find templates and examples we can use so we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

We really cannot speak highly enough of Sam and his amazing team especially in light of the recent Covid-19 "spanner in the works". He is doing everything he can to ensure he provides us with the tools to keep our businesses going in completely unprecedented circumstances.

Thank god we have his support as this would be a whole lot scarier without it. With his help we can see the opportunities we will be able to take advantage of over the coming months and we will come out the other side stronger for it.'