The First Thing To Do When Someone Asks "Whats the price?"

When asked this question, as tempting as it may be to answer with the price, your first response should be the magic question………………….” Just so I can help you best would it be Okay if I ask you a couple of questions?”

Remember selling is professionally helping people to buy, to be able to do this you need to understand what the other persons needs and wants are, so you can offer them the best possible solution.

This Week 

Work out three or four questions you can ask so you can better understand what your customers needs and wants are so you can find out if you can help them.  By doing this you will build more rapport with your people, show them you care and makes it much easier for them to buy from you.

Case Study .....and an interesting fact about me!

Working with a cosmetic and wellness clinic, we identified one of the most common questions people would ask is how much we charge for a unit of Botox.  

Just in case you are wondering and as I have learnt there is a lot more to having “Botox” than just the number of units, one of these is how skilled, knowledgeable and experienced the person is who is doing the treatment.  

By asking a few carefully selected questions we were able to establish if the person making the inquiry was an ideal client and offer to help them by inviting them in for a consultation, so we could give them the best possible advice and help them achieve the outcome they desired.

In case you are wondering……………. yes, I have had some Botox…………. surprising right?  It was to help me stop grinding my teeth, something I have done for over 30 years!  Now there’s an interesting fact I bet you didn’t know about me!

"Remember: It's okay to talk about price, but only with people who see the value.  If you give someone the price before they see the value, they've only got one half of the equation" - Taki Moore