Training Programmes

Helping you build a strong, profitable businesses.

Business success is not accidental. It is planned. It is strategized. It is directed. Sam Harrop has the knowledge, tools and experience to assist businesses of any size to thrive.

We offer a range of training programmes;

1. Getting the ‘Right’ Stuff Done – Results are achieved when you can hold yourself and others accountable using this robust 7 step framework

2. Time Management – From Chaos to Control. The art of being insanely productive and getting the right things done

3. Smart Sales Strategies for Business - How to sell more with less effort. Selling is a skill that can be learned and enhanced by developing a great sales process

4. Exceptional Customer Service - How to keep your profitable customers coming back, again and again.

5. Goal Setting and Achievement Habits – How to set yourself up for success

6. Effective Communication – Learn simple concepts and frameworks that will help you in your interactions when dealing with ‘difficult’ people

7. Systems - How to get your business working so you don't have to. Designing and building effective systems can save you and your team time, money and frustration

8. Effective Marketing – Generate more leads and attract new customers into your business today

9. Business Kick Starter – The 10 steps to get your business back on track, making money and being profitable

10. Financial Mastery – How to make more money and have better cash flow by understanding your financials

11. Small Business, Big Exit – How to make more money selling your business than running it

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Build a strong, profitable business.

Solutions to suit most businesses, lifestyles and budget.

"Your business is your vehicle to help you achieve your personal goals"

Sam Harrop
Founder of Business Maximiser Coaching