How many times have you asked yourself…where did the time go?

That terrible feeling of shit it’s the end of the day already or the end of the week already or the end of the financial year already and I just haven’t got done the stuff I need to do!

I understand it is really easy to get caught up doing the urgent stuff but not the important stuff.

Here are a few things you can do to help break that cycle:

1) Track what you do with your existing time – every 30 minutes.
2) Classify time – quoting, calls, e-mails, team, sales, driving.
3) Design your ideal week – chunk, daily scrum – get the day started right, weekly meeting,- short and sweet, set time for e-mail, set times for meetings, quoting.
4) Put value on your time pricing, marketing, systems, relationship building.
5) Plan the week on Mondays or even Sunday, plan the day the day before.