Not getting enough of the right work through the door is the death knell for a business and is one of the biggest concerns, worries or fears for a business owner.

The thought of not converting a job can be terrifying.

The good news is that having a well-defined sales process can make your life as a business owner less stressful and a lot more fun.

A well defined sales process should be:

  1. Measured
  2. Trained
  3. Improved

The benefits of having this in place include: 

  1. You only have to do the heavy lifting once, then rinse, repeat and tweak occasionally.
  2. Potential clients get the right information at the right time – so you are able to educate people before you get to price.
  3. Clear steps gives you confidence and makes you look professional.
  4. It gives you accountability.
  5. You can measure your conversion rate which enables you to forecast and plan for the future.