In his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey emphasises the importance of starting with the end in mind. So, what will your business look like when it is finished is always a great point to consider. 

Even if you are planning on being a solopreneur you will still need to fulfil numerous roles or positions within your business, and this is where creating an organisational chart of what your business will need to look like in the future to achieve your goals is a great exercise.

Often people say to me, “But there is only me or one or two others in the business; why do I need to have an organisational chart?” And the reason is this: for your business to be successful there are certain outcomes in various areas that need to be achieved. Your name in the beginning may very well be in every single position in the chart! But if your business is to thrive, you need to find other people to do the tactical work so your time is free to do the strategic work. Your organisational chart is a guide through which that crucial transition can be made.